Essential Documents and stuff to be carried on board when visiting foreign ports (doesn’t hurt to have them on board in the UK either).


  • UK part 1 registration certificate (preferred)
  • SSR Certificate (does not prove ownership)
  • Bill of sale
  • Proof of VAT paid if boat newer than 1st jan1985,
  • Proof of age of Boat.

Other Documents

  • Insurance policy (in date?)
  • Ships Radio license, including VHF/DSC handhelds, epirbs. ( now free)
  • VHF operators License. (does not have to be owner)
  • Minimum ICC ticket. Day skipper and above will normally suffice (does not have to be owner)
  • If using inland waterways, Cevni is a must. (Caen constitutes ‘inland’)
  • Passports of course.
  • EHIC, (European health insurance card) E111 is now invalid.
  • Crewlist (especially Holland. names, passport numbers.

Other Stuff

  • In-date flares.
  • Up to date/adjusted charts
  • In-date lifejackets for the berth capacity of the vessel
  • If liferaft carried, must be indate of service.
  • All Receipts for any fuel purchased anywhere
  • Euros

By the way, we always carry original documents on the reasoning that originals, if lost, are easy to obtain once back in the UK and as a rule, photocopies are not accepted in most EU ports.  We also recommend you sign up for the MCA CG66 ID scheme.

Welcome to Europe!