Sovereign Harbour Yacht Club prides itself on its active all-year racing program. The Yacht Club is one of the hosts for the Sussex IRC Championships; and hosts the Eastbourne Fun Day the Beachy Head Races each summer. We have a great racing fleet who compete year round, enjoying the benefits of a great bar for the post race social.

Members also travel to support other Regattas and Races; for example The Dieppe Dash, The Royal Escape, Round the Island, Cowes Week, Ramsgate Week and more recently the Tour Des Ports de la Manche and JOG week.

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    Club Racing Notice Board

    Unfortunately due the current nationwide lockdown coming into effect as from Thursday 5th November The Racing Committee have suspended both the Autumn 1 & Autumn 2 series until further notice. We intend to stay in communication with Premier and will update the racing fleet as soon as further details become available.

    Notice of Amendment to SHYC Standard Race Instructions (Edition 10 – 2020)

    The following item is now amended to read :-


    If the skipper of a boat competing in a Series is required to serve as Race Officer for a race but the yacht still sails then his/her boat’s score for that race shall be no higher than the automatic third place given when the yacht chooses not to compete.

    Race Officers please note that ADS is off station at present.

    Code Zero Sails – NHC legality clarification – 11/01/2018

    1. Code zero sails are legal under the NHC rating system.

    2. Boats using code zero sails may be requested by the race committee to provide the dimensions of the sail.

    3. After consultation with the RYA, it has been clarified that a code zero sail may count towards your upwind sail area, depending on it’s dimensions.

    4. In the racing rules a code zero is defined as :

    50.4 Headsails For the purposes of rules 50 and 54 and Appendix G, the difference between a headsail and a spinnaker is that the width of a headsail, measured between the midpoints of its luff and leech, is less than 75% of the length of its foot. A sail tacked down behind the foremost mast is not a headsail. 

    5. For the purposes of  club races, it has been decided by the race committee that we will use dimensions set out by the IRC rating system to determine whether the sail constitutes an upwind or downwind sail.

    6. If a code zero sail is deemed to constitute an upwind sail then it must be declared as such if you wish to use it, and therefore its sail area will count towards your total upwind sail area, which is used to calculate your NHC base number. This will over rule any existing base number provided in the RYA list.


    2020 race calendar – Summary 

    Below is a brief summary of some of our club racing events for 2020. Please view the Race Calendar 2020  for more details and a complete list of our races throughout the year.

    Racing in 2020 commences on Sunday 5th January with the first of 6 races in the Frostbite series.

    Carrying on in 2020 will be : – Short-handed series (double or single handed boats) which will race alongside fully crewed yachts. Also we have put in a weekend race to & from Boulogne in July along with racing to co-inside with the Clubs visit to Le Treport in September.


    Within the Spring series, regular long distance races are scheduled every other race of the 6 race series. These races will feature longer legs incorporating marks such as the Sovereign Tower/Buoy and Hastings Outfall buoy.  These are more suitable to short handed sailing and have a target length of 4+ hours.

    Wednesday evening racing will begin on May 13th and will continue until September 9th split into 3 series, affording potential for some hours of darkness racing.

    Later on in the autumn we have reverted back to the 2 autumn series again at the start of the series, Races 1 & 2 some nice long races to get your teeth into.


     Racing buoys charts for inshore and offshore marks now available: Race Buoys

      • Race committee have undergone the purchase of a new buoy.
      • MONARCH has now been dropped at:  50′ 46.040N 000’19.00E it is a fixed yellow can with light
      • Bates Wharf Buoy is a new buoy marked ‘BATES WHARF‘ on the sides and more visible than before
      • Thanks to Boat Shed for sponsoring one of our buoys
    • Race Officers added to Duty Rotas  (2019)
    • Gallery Page photos will be posted by series. New photos to be added soon for the Spring Series. 
    • Annual Signing on sheet ALL boats intending to race MUST complete the annual signing on sheet found on the Pages tab. 




    Race Calendar 2020


    ANNUAL SIGNING ON SHEET – All boats must complete








    Other Links:

  • Away Events – the big away events hosted by other clubs that our fleet are attending in 2020.

    Click on the logos below for organising websites

    Many of our yachts travel to attend large events hosted by other clubs. A big part of these events is the competitive racing they offer against a variety of boats. They’re also a great chance for us to enjoy social trips away and the obligatory boat parties.

    Below are some of the big events our crews are attending this year.


    Ramsgate Week is the Royal Temple Yacht Club annual regatta and is widely recognised as the friendly regatta and the alternative to Cowes Week.

    Tour De Ports


    A great week away organised by the Granville Yacht Club. A Tour of the Channel Ports, this event involves a day sail each day racing between the ports of Cherbourg, Dielette, Carteret, St Peter Port (Guernsey), St Helier (Jersey), and Granville. Each year visits the ports in a different order, taking in challenging navigation such as the Alderney Race, Cape de Barfleur and the strong tidal currents which surround the Channel Islands. Each night is great social event, with food and plenty  of drink organised by the Race Organisers.


    other events around the Country

    Event LogoISC Logo

    This is a very popular event, 1 lap around the Isle of Wight, which most of our racing fleet and many cruisers attend every year. Notably one of our yachts – Manic – came first in their class in 2016!

     Image result for Dieppe Dash


    7th May 2020 – Supported by many of our racing and cruising boats. This is a great social event with events ashore in Dieppe and an SHYC race home.


    Friday 22nd  May 2020 – hopefully will be supported by many of our racing and cruising boats this year. This is another great social event with events ashore in Fecamp and a SHYC race home on the Sunday. Why not click on logo above and join in the weekend.


    This list is by no means exhaustive, some of our boats regularly attend regattas and events by RORC and JOG, as well double handed events and the Fastnet Race.

Our Sponsors

The racing section would like to say a BIG thank you to our generous Buoy and Series & Trophy Sponsors. Thank you:

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